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I'm writing this post for several reasons and for several different people, to talk about and acknowledge the problem with learning to accept.

The "NG culture" has now become a culture of one-upping whenever through animation, music, artwork or games especially in events with cash or physical prizes. That can be seen as a good thing though, as the community will evolve and will keep put out better content in NG 25 year live span.

But what isn't good is not feeling like you and your content isn't good enough. You shouldn't feel that way while looking at other content. And you may be thinking it might be easy for me to say that, but it's a problem I have, that I struggle with when I see top-notch quality from various videos/games/audio/artworks.

I think we, as content creators, need to come to terms that our product might not always be as good as "the next big thing", and we may have self-doubt, but we should still try to persevere and make the best content we can. But most importantly, it should be content that we enjoy making, not just for the sake of amusing other people.

Your game might not always have the best graphics, or gameplay, story, or how you go about advertising it...

Your animation might not always have the best quality, or the story that you tell....

Your Audio might not always be the best quality, or sound entertaining for people to listen to...

Your Artwork might not always have the best art style, or be nice to look at...

Your creation might not always be the most original or perfect, but always try to look at the positives.

I hope those of you who might be feeling this way can read these words and learn something from this. I just really felt the need to get this off my chest.

-Tomasz "Untitled Invader"


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